Terms of use for coupons

The coupon is valid in the period indicated on the coupon itself, only upon request for availability.

How to spend the coupon?

To book the room (s) it is necessary to request availability via email at coupon@hotelsanrufino.it or by telephone by calling +39 075 812803.

Also to redeem a dinner or a lunch or a restaurant service not included in the stay, it is necessary to book in advance via email at coupon@hotelsanrufino.it or by telephone by calling +39 075 812803.

Reservation is subject to availability.

Once confirmation of availability in the chosen period has been received, the reservation is non-refundable unless a request for a change of date or cancellation is made 7 days before check-in.

In the event that the cancellation occurs before 7 days from check-in, it is possible to request a new arrival date, which will be subject to availability for the new requested period.

The coupon is not transferable to third parties.

The holder of the coupon is the person who purchased it or, in the case of a gift, the person who received the gift.

Other subjects other than the coupon holder will not be able to use the coupon, unless the holder himself indicates another subject in writing by notifying coupon@hotelsanrufino.it together with the request for availability.

This is to guarantee the coupon holder that no one, who accidentally comes into possession of the coupon, can spend it without being entitled to it.

Coupons are non-refundable

If they have not been spent during the period of validity, the coupons are in no case refundable.

If you do not show up at check in without at least 7 days' notice, the coupon will not be refunded.

If cancellation notice is given after 7 days prior to arrival, the coupon will not be refunded

It is advisable to make reservations in advance of the expiry of the validity, in order to have a better chance of finding room availability in the chosen period of stay.

The price of the coupon does not include any tourist tax

Information and assistance

For any information regarding the validity and conditions of use of coupons, you can write to coupon@hotelsanrufino.it or call +39 075 812803.

After the purchase made on this site, the buyer will receive the coupon at the email indicated in the request phase. The pdf containing the coupon will be attached to the email. If the email is not received immediately after purchase, check that it has not been blocked by antispam and does not reside in the spam folder of the mail. If the email has not been received, you can contact us by email at coupon@hotelsanrufino.it or by telephone by calling +39 075 812803 to request a copy of your coupon.